Property Cashflow

How to create wealth from property starting with less than £5,000 using Rent-to-Rent, Serviced Accommodation, Deal Sourcing & Lease Options

As a property consultant, you can earn more than even the top experts in most fields, without worrying when the next property crash will happen


In this book, you'll learn how to:


  • Create a full-time income from property and escape the rat race in as little as six months
  • Build your own property business using Rent-to-Rent, Serviced Accommodation, and Deal Sourcing
  • Take advantage of Section 24 and understand why it has caused the biggest shake up to the UK property industry in the last 100 years
  • Get started in property with very little capital
  • Work with landlords to rent their houses and make £500 - £1,500 per house, per month profit
  • Rent other people's houses and apartments through platforms like AirBnB and and make £500 - £2,000 profit each and every month
  • Source and package properties for investors, making yourself £2,000 - £30,000 per each completed deal you arrange

I've been investing in property for over 40 years with a substantial portfolio, and I wish I knew the information in this book when I started. Where I spent 40 years doing it the hard and slow way, any young person reading this today can achieve the same results in a fraction of the time

Mark H, Professional Investor, Aylesbury

Each property investor in the UK should read this book, in fact, it should be compulsory. I've never read a property book as raw, honest and insightful as this. If I could give it 6 stars, I would. These 3 strategies are just absolute gold mines for those with the courage to implement this advice

Emmanuel D


If you thought Neil's first book: 'Sales Revolution' was great, wait until you read this! Property Cashflow really is a unique journey from the other side of property investing, I guess you could call it 'anti-investing', yet making a lot of money without the risk of ownership

Michael Rogers


Sales Revolution

If you sell high ticket products or services, face-to-face with your customers, then this book might just be the most valuable book you ever read

As a high-performing salesperson, you can demand almost any salary - when you master your craft. Neil McCoy-Ward's 'Sales Revolution' teaches you how to become an outstanding salesperson.


In this book you'll learn how to:


  • Be prepared for any sales situation!
  • Establish outstanding rapport, increasing your chances of closing the sale
  • Evaluate your customers' needs, before delivering a solution
  • Unearth unseen challenges and desires, making your product/service even more desirable
  • Deliver a KNOCKOUT presentation, making your customer more keen to buy
  • Deliver a deadly shot to your competition, blowing them out of the running for your prospect's business
  • Easily CLOSE THE DEAL almost every time, without applying pressure

This book exposes Neil McCoy-Ward's unique three-part sales success system for the very first time. As you would expect from a system developed from hard won experience of what it really takes to succeed in sales, this book contains powerful and practical principles that anyone can use to achieve superior sales results

Simon Hazeldine, Best-selling author, "Bare Knuckle Selling"

Brilliant! Written by a sales person for sales people. Neil understands the psychology behind the purchasing process and guides the reader through his uniquely designed 'Sales Revolution Model' - Actionable steps that will benefit both the novice and the skilled professional. A fantastic people-centred approach for getting bigger and better sales results

Joy Marsden

Author, 'Keep Stepping', and Award-winning Self-success Speaker

Neil McCoy-Ward's book is testament to his work in the field as both a sales professional and trainer. When Neil trained one of our sales teams, the results were unlike anything I had ever seen in my years of experience in this field. The performance of this team was literally mind blowing. This book finally reveals his secrets and opens the treasure chest for others to follow in his footsteps

Lewis Borg

Director, Right 2 Improve Ltd (UK)


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